2 films at New York Jewish Film Festival

Charlotte Salmon: Life and the Maiden (dir: Delphine & Murielle Coulin, producer: Yaël Fogiel) and June Zero (dir: Jake Paltrow, producer: David Silber) screened at the New York Jewish Film Festival.

Charlotte Salomon: Life and the Maiden offers an intimate and expansive new look at the extraordinary life of artist Charlotte Salomon. Though she was murdered in Auschwitz at age 26, Charlotte Salomon completed an astounding amount of art, including some 1,300 paintings, before her deportation. 

The Hebrew-language drama based on true events, June Zero, tells the story of the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann, architect of the mass murder of the Jews during World War II, from the intertwined perspectives of three largely unrelated figures.