Walking Under Palms

Savta (Hebrew for grandmother) Margot and her cousin Lotte, were born 10 days apart and were known as the “Cassel Twins”. Although their lives took them through three continents and one world war together, their symbiotic connection was severed. In recent years, these two women have become the last survivors of an unknown group of Jews. Jews who fled during World War II from European soil directly to the warm shores of the Pacific Ocean. And all thanks to one Filipino president, who during a smokey evening full of alcohol over a poker game, heard about the persecution of Jews in Germany and decided to take action.


The historical events are the ground on which the beating heart of the film lies, which is these two women: Savta Margot and her cousin Lotte. Two cynical women, addicted to good humor, who tend to argue with each other about what really happened and how. They are both not afraid to look at the approaching end of life and are still fighting to make the most of each moment. Their attempt to reconnect, after historical and personal tragedies have separated them, creates a journey full of compassion and optimism.

About the Director

Adam is an independent filmmaker, graduate of the Steve Tisch TAU Film Dept. MFA program.

His first feature documentary The Island (2017, 60min) was commissioned by yesDocu and screened in over 40 film festivals, including Docaviv and Santa Barbara international film festival winning six awards, including best debut film at Verzio Human Rights Festival and a prize from the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum.

Adam has also directed numerous short documentaries, and fiction films that screened around the globe, winning awards such as: Funjoya (2016, 17min fiction) won the audience award in the Tel Aviv Student Film Festival. And There Will Be Fire (2018, documentary) Premiered at Epos Art film festival at the Tel Aviv Museum.

In Production

Adam Weingrod

Kobi Mizrahi

With Assistance from Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Supported by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future and by the German Federal Ministry of Finance