The Third Reich of Dreams

In 1933, the dream life of many Germans changed – almost overnight. Like seismographs of unfolding terror, their dreams became vivid, grotesque and darkly humorous. Secretly recorded in a dangerous mission that would take years to see the light of day, these dreams of ordinary-Berliners, Jews and non-Jews, bear witness to the Nazi invasion of the collective unconscious, and they only survive because one woman risked her life to record and preserve them.


Drawn from hours of rare audio-interview, alongside a newly discovered archive of letters and photographs, ‘The Third Reich of Dreams’  tells the captivating life-story of Jewish- journalist Charlotte Beradt, prominently featuring her unique and almost-forgotten dream-collection. Written in code, disguised and hidden in the spines of books scattered through her home, Charlotte sent them as letters to friends abroad, finally publishing them in exile in the 1960’s. There is nothing like it in Holocaust literature. 

Exploiting the poetic and surreal language of dreams, the film seamlessly interweaves Charlotte’s biography with impressionistic dream-reconstruction. Exploring how ordinary citizens, crushed by political power, struggle for a form of expression in their dreams, it uncovers the hidden history of a country sleepwalking its way into evil.

About the Director

Amanda Rubin is an experienced documentary and specialist factual Director. She has worked across arts and culture, history, current affairs and science on 60-minute scripted and observational documentaries, topical magazine and short form. Her film credits include: 21st CENTURY MYTHOLOGIES (about the life of French philosopher Roland Barthes), DANCEWORKS for BBC 4, two high-rating CUTTING EDGE documentaries (NURSES and A-is-for-ACCIDENT) for Channel 4, A LATE SHOW Special: RUNAWAY WIVES AND HOME-ALONE KIDS for BBC 2, BROS: The DOCUMENTARY for SKY, THE NEW RUSSIA (5-part-series) for Channel 4 and THE UNEXPLAINED for The History Channel.

In Production

Amanda Rubin

With Assistance from Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Supported by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future and by the German Federal Ministry of Finance