The Palmnicken Tragedy

The last page of the Holocaust is the Palmnicken Massacre, where about 3,000 prisoners of the Stutthof concentration camp were shot by the sea, as told by its witnesses and participants.


On the night of January 31, 1945, in the town of Palmnicken in East Prussia (now the settlement of Yantarny, Kaliningrad Region, Russia), Nazis shot on the seashore about 3,000 prisoners of the Stutthof concentration camp, mostly women and teenage girls. The advancing Soviet troops reached the execution site just one day after the execution.

Three main characters of the film – Martin Bergau who was a member of the Hitler Youth in February 1945; Gunter Nitsch, an American writer of German descent; and Simcha Koplowicz, a descendant of the surviving prisoner Sheva Koplowicz – are recalling this story before our eyes.

About the Director:

Andrey Proskuryakov was born in 1976 (Tver, Russian Federation). Now lives in Haifa, Israel. Creative and visionary Director and Scriptwriter with 14 years of career experience working for independent TV production companies and Russian TV channels, including Russia-K (Culture channel), Moscow-24, Moscow-Confidence, Stolitsa, TVC, CTC, RBK-TV, MatchTV. Possesses exceptional multi-tasking abilities adept in leading multi-functional teams in delivery quality TV projects and documentaries.


Andrey Proskuryakov

Anna Adamskaya, Anastasia Velskaya

Associate Producers:
Dmitry Ladizhenski (Germany), Timothy Abbott (USA), Alyona Bass (Israel)

Philipp Gromov