The Little Heroes from the Warsaw Ghetto

The children of the Warsaw ghetto had to help their parents survive. To barter, to buy food, they slipped out of the ghetto, through the holes in the surrounding walls, by clinging to the back of the streetcar (which had not been diverted and whose rails crossed the ghetto).

A group of children escaped through the sewers when the ghetto fighters revolted against the SS.


They are between 6 and 15 years old. They slept in cemeteries, gardens and garbage rooms. They sell fake cigarettes and vodka to SS soldiers. These children are known. They were called “Little Cigarette Sellers” and their field of activity was “The Place of the Three Crosses”.

In the summer of 1944, these children decided to join the fighters in the city of Warsaw and displayed exceptional courage by becoming liaison officers and carrying weapons and bombs. Their temerity was rewarded with citations in the Polish resistance newspapers and the Cross of Merit.

When the city was razed by Hitler, these Jewish children were deported with the Poles to labor camps.

Telling the story of the struggle of this group of children is also telling the story of the suffering of the Jews of the ghetto, the hunger, the raids, the deportation, the permanent danger.


Chochana Boukhobza