Lost Town

Lost Town tells the story of one man’s obsessive search to get closer to his deceased father by uncovering the story of his family and their town of Trochenbrod.


First made famous by Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Everything Is Illuminated”, Trochenbrod was the only all-Jewish town to ever exist outside of Palestine. Trochenbrod’s 5000 Jews were obliterated by the Nazis, except for 33 townspeople who escaped the massacre there. What begins as a personal search, in turn, triggers a resurgence of interest in the town, reconnecting the few remaining survivors who hadn’t seen each other in over 60 years.

Lost Town utilizes contemporary documentary footage, original animation, and survivor testimonials to tell the story of how far one will go to claim their sense of identity.

Lost Town was produced under the fiscal sponsorship of the Foundation For Jewish Culture with support from George Lucas’ Skywalker Studios.

About the Directors

Jeremy Goldscheider began his career directing and producing music videos for artists that include Blink-182, Eagle Eye Cherry, and Shaggy. Soon after, he began creating documentary television (for BBC, MTV, and Animal Planet) and feature films. His latest films, “PABLO” (2012), an animated documentary narrated by Jeff Bridges and “Lost Town” (2013) are being exhibited world-wide. Currently, he runs Heritage Films (www.heritage-films.com), a production company specializing in creating personal family biography films. Jeremy Goldscheider resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.

Richard Goldgewicht‘s documentary work has garnered critical acclaim at major film festivals around the world. His debut animated documentary Pablo, opened at the Rotterdam Film Festival to a broad international career. Featuring Jeff Bridges’ narration and a cast of celebrated film artists, the film blended animation and live action to tell the story of iconic artist and film designer, Pablo Ferro.

His documentary works have played in hundreds of festivals and covered vast topics ranging from the development of videogames and AI, to the Second World War and profiles on several international environmentalists for the Goldman Foundation.

With interest in ecology, Richard has created and directed the Comedy Central special “Ice for Iceland” for Earth Day 2018 and has been collaborating with biotech company Provivi documenting the new technology adoption of a pheromone-based solution for crop protection. In 2021, Richard was the recipient of 3 Telly Awards for his most recent commercial campaign.

Festivals, Screenings, & Awards

18º Festival de Cinema Judaico de Sao Paulo

Cleveland International Film Fest

Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival

New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival


Production Country

Production Company
Goldstreet Films

Subject Region
Ukraine, Israel, USA, Poland, Brazil

85 minutes

Jeremy Goldscheider
Richard Goldgewicht

Richard Goldgewicht