Just like the Queen of England

A French boy, street-smart and charismatic, is left to fend for himself after the Nazi Occupation of Paris leaves him without his mother.


The 69 years that came after were an emotional journey that is only now being truly examined. Layer by layer, the past and present of David Bergman unfolds into a dramatic story of longing and strength. From the Paris of his childhood to the kibbutz of his youth, from the national stage to his private studio, Bergman travels with filmmaker Micha Shagrir in this starkly intimate film, showing an unshakable and unforgettable emotional tenderness.

Film Festivals

Banff Centre, Canada, 2014
Shanghai TV International Film Festival, China, 2012
Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, 2010
EPOS Arts Film Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010


Production Company
Tapuz Communications Ltd.

Ruth Films

Micha Shagrir / Gilad Inbar

Micha Shagrir