June Zero

This thrilling yet, at its core, empathetic and humanist film looks at the infamous trial of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the mass extermination of Jews during the Second World War. Depicting the events preceding Eichmann’s execution, it approaches the important and much publicized Nazi criminal through the eyes of three participants in these events.


Israel, 1962. After an emotional public trial, the Nazi Adolf Eichmann has been sentenced to death for crimes against humanity and crimes against the Jewish people. June Zero explores the experiences of three characters intimately involved in this nation-defining event: David, a precocious thirteen-year-old Libyan factory worker looking to belong; Haim, Eichmann’s main prison guard, tasked with protecting this dead man walking; and Micha, a police investigator for the prosecution, on his first trip back to Poland since surviving Auschwitz, where he tries to make sense of the future of the Jewish homeland’s soul post-execution

About the Director

Jake Paltrow was born in Los Angeles, California in 1975. His narrative fiction films are Young Ones and The Good Night. He co-directed the documentary De Palma with Noah Baumbach. He has directed several television shows including Boardwalk Empire and Halt and Catch Fire. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for The First Ones (a film commissioned by the New York Times Magazine). His films have screened at Sundance, Venice, New York, Karlovy Vary, and several other international film festivals. 

Festivals, Screenings, & Awards

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Boulder Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Brussels Jewish International Film Festival – 2023 

Charlotte Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Cleveland Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris – 2023 

Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

JCCNS International Film Festival – 2023 

Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF – Australia) – 2022 

Judy Levis Krug Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Miami Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Moscow Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

New Jersey Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

New York Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Rochester Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

The National Center for Jewish Film’s Annual Film Festival – 2023 

Toronto Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

UK Jewish Film Festival – 2022 

Washington Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

White Mountain Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Winnipeg International Jewish Film Festival – 2023 

Yesh! (Zürich) – 2023 


Production Country
USA, Israel

Production Company
Metro, Cold Iron Pictures

Cohen Media Group (North American distribution rights) 
Films Boutique (International rights / Sales Agent) 
United King Films (Israeli Distributor) 

Subject Region

105 minutes

Jake Paltrow

Jake Paltrow, Tom Shoval

David Silbur, Oren Moverman, Miranda Bailey

Yaron Scharf

Ayelet Gil Efrat

Costume Design
Inbal Shuki

Music by
Ariel Marx

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